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/ Tuesday 24 July 2012 /
Although you may be excused for wondering, I am not dead. I am, regrettably,  largely absent from my blog these days because I am working on two new course preps for the fall, plus doing a systematic review of the relationship between music and reading. I have hardly touched my machine since finishing the wedding quilt I showed last time. But on the weekend, I did make a couple of pouches that I was pleased with. My daughter works as a server in a local resto and she carries her float and notepad in a laminated cotton pouch I made for her.  She's had a couple of requests from the other servers that I make one for them. Pouches are so quick and satisfying to make up - I couldn't say no.  One was for her friend Montana, for whom I made this laptop case. She came over and picked out the laminated cotton she wanted. I used a light purple Parisville scroll print for the lining.
Laminated cotton pouch
The other was for a young man server, who said his favourite colours were orange, yellow and brown. I didn't have anything in my stash with those colours that wasn't girly, so I strayed a bit from the colourway, thinking that manliness was more important than colour. I used a random brown patterned home dec fabric from my stash and stitched a Ruby Star Rising transistor radio to the front.
AM Radio Pouch No. 1
Actually, I made two of these, since I quite fancied the prototype in my imagination and knew I would be sad to let it go if I made only one.  Not sure yet which one I'll keep and which one will go to James.
AM Radio Pouch No. 2
These pouches are lined with an orange print. My husband opines that they border on purses and therefore, by definition, fail at being manly.  All I can say is if the young man feels that it impugns his manhood to carry such a thing, I'll gladly repatriate it!

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