Growing the garden of rose stars

/ Sunday 23 September 2012 /
Or should that be galaxy of rose stars? I'll have to sort out what metaphor is best - still working away at these so I think there's plenty of time.  Alison showed her amazing near-finish and asked to see mine. So here they are so far. There are 18 made so far.
Growing a garden of EPP rose stars
They are time consuming, since each one has 31 pieces, but the stack grows slowly but surely. I never sit down to watch television without one in my hand. And since my husband and I are currently obsessed with the going through the back catalog of Battlestar Galactica, I am making fair progress.  If you want to see the stars individually, go here to my Flickr set.

Quilt your dreams

/ Saturday 1 September 2012 /
Quilt your dreams
I have always wanted to send a quilt top out to a long-arm quilter, but I never felt like any of my quilts were worthy of such an honour. I do an okay job quilting on my domestic sewing machine.  A quilt would have to be pretty dang special to get the LA treatment! The day has come. I sent out my EPP stars quilt to Shannon, and she did a tremendous job on it.  Truly, it just sings. I could hardly stop petting it enough to put the binding on it.   I never thought I could be one of those annoying women who says "I wish I could show you the photos", but apparently I am, at least for now.  But I couldn't resist sharing this sneak peek, with the exhortation to quilt your dreams.

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