The Rule of Three

/ Thursday 21 October 2010 /
According to the principles of rhetoric, ideas that are presented in groups of three are somehow inherently more satisfying or have a bigger impact than when they appear singly or in other combinations.  Therefore, take note of these three momentous events:
Last month marked one year that I have been blogging.
Today I welcomed my 100th follower.
Next Wednesday I turn 50.
If you suspect that each of these big deals are magnified in the presence of the other, you would be correct. Tomorrow I am going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto, and I will be looking for some significant swag to give away.  Please leave a comment about what I should look for, if I want to tickle your fancy (keep it clean, ladies!)


{ felicity } on: 21 October 2010 at 12:54 said...

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Our birthdays are close - I'm next Thursday!

Have fun at the festival. I don't want anything in particular besides fabric. Be sure to go see my high school BFF at her booth - Sew Sisters have some great discount fabric, and they stock Kona Solids.

{ LesQuilts } on: 21 October 2010 at 13:18 said...

Happy Birthday Lesly!
congratulations on the 100 followers, that is so exciting!
and your 1 yr blogaversary
Please look for some wool candle mats.
A collection of Kona fat quarters would make me drool!
Take care, Leslie

{ free indeed } on: 21 October 2010 at 13:21 said...

Happy happy happy on all three! I too drool over fabric bundles already color coordinated for me; would love to try a wool kit of some sort too.

{ elle } on: 21 October 2010 at 14:12 said...

Well, Lesly, you are just a youngster! Think threes when you are at the festival: 3 FQ's, three threads, a third of a cup of beads, tri-coloured ribbons, the third package of buttons, and a trio of Herschey hugs and kisses! Have fun, we never have anything like this out here. VBSigh

{ ktquilts } on: 21 October 2010 at 14:24 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Fabric, modern...of course!!!




{ Sarah Craig } on: 21 October 2010 at 14:28 said...

Happy birthday! Looks like October is a good month - you on Wednesday, Felicity on Thursday, and mine on Friday! I've got a few years on you (I'm 50-something, I quit counting a few years ago..) but birthdays are still fun!! I don't get picky about swag - enjoy yourself and if you happen to see something yummy that you want to give away, think of us poor kids who don't get to go to the festival!! (PS Congratulations on a year in blogging and 100 followers!!)

{ Ariane } on: 21 October 2010 at 16:59 said...

Oh wow!!! Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary!!! And 100 followers!! Woot!Woot!! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.....keep signing!!! Hey let me know if any of the shops have BLISS. I love that collection. I have to work all weekend. I wish I could go.

{ Unknown } on: 21 October 2010 at 17:17 said...

congratulations times three, lesly! wow your stars are aligning aren't they?

i think some colourful solids would be nice!

{ Debra @ Life is a Stitch } on: 21 October 2010 at 18:50 said...

Yes, the rule of three usually applies and congrats on all three! Have a great day out. If I would happen to win the drawing, I would take about anything...fabric is always good!
Thanks for the chance, and again, congratulations again on all three!

{ Katie @SwimBikeQuilt } on: 21 October 2010 at 21:55 said...

Congrats times 3! Happy days. Have fun at the festival. I love events like that! By the way. I love the cathedral window/type pincushion a few posts down. Its awesome!

Anonymous on: 21 October 2010 at 22:35 said...

Purple. Loads of purple fabric.

Also hoping for some modern shapes. Sick of flowers.

{ Dee } on: 22 October 2010 at 08:17 said...

oh, just wishing you the best time ever and ever so many congratulations on all the way cool events you're celerating!

"Dream On" would be heavenly to fondle, don't you think?

{ Dee } on: 22 October 2010 at 08:19 said...

Okay, now the important part!

""""""Happy Birthday"""""""

blessings multiplied, friends and family also! hope, joy, excitement and fun headed your way from me today!

thanks for being such an awesome bloggy bee friend!

{ Jocelyn } on: 22 October 2010 at 11:49 said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I guess most everyone is always happy with fabric, but I love French General fabric lines, and we cannot find it in our area. Have a wonderful weekend.

{ Claudia } on: 22 October 2010 at 13:33 said...

Maison de Garance!!!! Birthday wishes!

{ Sew Create It - Jane } on: 23 October 2010 at 05:15 said...

Congratulations on all 3 counts. Hope you have a fab time at the Creativ Festival...I bet there will be plenty of goodies to choose from :o)

{ Janice } on: 28 October 2010 at 21:40 said...

What a great combination of events. I think you should definitely celebrate by giving away purple fabric.

Congratulations on all of your milestones.

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