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Today combines St. Patrick's Day with National Quilting Day, and when they coincide on a weekend, you get a true trifecta of happy day-dom!  I am definitely going to get some sewing in today. I need to finish that little mini for the Doll Quilt Swap, but I am also going to work on a new project that I've been poking along on.  Here's a (not very clear) progress shot:
Giant (9") hexagons from velveteen
I bought a whack of Anna Maria Horner velveteens and I'm using Marti Michell's hexagon ruler to make 9" hexagons.  There are y-seams galore on this, and the velveteen, oh the velveteen!  Let me tell you, it is gorgeous, but sakes alive, it is a pain in the tuchus.  Boy, does it shed like mad! I prewashed it all, and I removed a bundle of lint the size of a small cat from the dryer's lint trap.  The nap on the fabric makes it slightly challenging to sew, and the right sides of the fabric seem to fight each other when you lay them together. Never mind, I'm determined to be the victor! Velveteen, resistance is futile - you will be assimilated!


{ Little Island Quilting } on: 17 March 2012 at 09:53 said...

What's a 'tuchus'?!

{ Dara } on: 17 March 2012 at 15:09 said...

Hi there, I was just in Kingston and walked around your lovely campus (went to the archives and the Douglas Library in search for family history info). I thought of you while I was there- such a short trip. Good luck with this endeavor. I just quilted up a quilt with minkee as the backing, it proved a little bit easier than I thought. Keep with it!!

{ Dresden Quilter } on: 17 March 2012 at 17:40 said...

These are gorgeous.

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