True Confessions

/ Wednesday 30 September 2009 /
Two dark deeds to confess this morning:
1.  I disabled the link between Flickr and Facebook, where FB would show my recent posts to Flickr, so that my FB friends, which include some of my colleagues and students, wouldn't know how much quilting I have been doing.  I have had a number of "where do you find the time" comments, which can only truly be answered by "by not doing all the other things that need doing".  I think the only point of overlap now is my friend and lab manager, Lindsay, but, as well as being my enabler, she has her own time-sucking addictions.

2.  I was so distracted by other things that I forgot to register for Run for the Cure this year.  Only, this year, it would have to be Shlep for the Cure, since my knee is still too wonky to do any sustained running.  To mitigate this failing somewhat, I donated to the Australian Breast Cancer national fund via Julie at Bush Baby Jag.  Julie is also giving away some awesome fabric and other stuff, so virtue may be its own reward or it might get some help.


{ Kim } on: 30 September 2009 at 11:14 said...

You make absolutely beautiful quilts!!!
Hi, this is Kim from the great give post you responded to...I would love to pick you, I am very excited that you are also willing to make and give something handmade to three people. Just make yourself a little blog post about it to getyour great give going!
I only wish I could get one of the beautiful things YOU make!!!
Oh, and will you e-mail me you address at

{ Lindsay } on: 30 September 2009 at 18:13 said...

Hehe yeah, but you need someone to talk quilting with. I've got your back.

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