My Mother's Christmas Quilt

/ Wednesday 7 October 2009 /
So I thought I might like one of Aunt Tildy's blocks as the backsplash for the blog, but it makes it hard to find a visible font colour for the title and subtitle.  So much of this blog mechanics is beyond me.  For example, I can't figure out why sometimes my text is microscopic and other times it's spaced reasonably, sometimes left justified, sometimes not.  It's all a mystery to me!

In other news, there was a big box waiting for me when I got home, from my late mother's husband, David.  It was full of quilting doo-dahs from my mother’s work table; among other things, there were:
5 rotary cutters, including one with a pinking blade
Fiskars snips, 1 large and 1 small
1 Ott Light
2 Clover mini-irons
12” spinning Olfa cutting mat
12” square ruler
2 pairs machine quilting gloves
2 boxes bent safety pins
Assorted cross-stitch and embroidery fabric
Set of half-square triangle blocks ready for piecing

Also, there was another project that my mom had been working on.  This one was a cute Christmas quilt with penguins, lap-sized, all pieced and pinned together, ready for quilting.  This one will be a snap to quilt up, probably mostly quilting in the ditch.  She assembled it with polyester batting, so there will be a nice high loft to outline the stars.  Personally, I don’t hold with polyester, and I don't celebrate Christmas, but I’m thrilled to be able to quilt this, to finish my mother’s work.   When it's complete, I’ll be sending this quilt back to David.  He misses her so much.  
Penguin Christmas


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