Too beautiful to eat!

/ Wednesday 14 October 2009 /

I had to share the most amazing thing I've ever seen - check these cookies I saw on Flickr (click through to see more of her amazing edible artwork). I'm drooling!

And what a coincidence relating to those divine cookies - I just found out that it's Sweetest Day!  No, I never heard of it either, but I read about it on Mrs. Schmenkman's blog, where she is giving away the most awesome and delicious set of FQs from Amy Butler's new line, Love.  Head on over and put your name in the hat if you want to, but, just sayin', I'm going to win this one, I've got it all sewn up.  Get it, "all sewn up", ha ha.  Don't you love people who laugh at their own jokes?

And Audrie is giving away a fun table runner to celebrate the anniversary of meeting her husband at a Halloween party.  Got to love those sentimental stories!  Run sign up, but the clock is ticking - eligibility period ends at noon tomorrow.


{ Stephanie Hughes } on: 14 October 2009 at 08:54 said...

WOW! Where did you find this? This is amazing. I wouldn't be able to eat it either. Can you order these? For a special occasion? THanks for sharing this, Stephanie

Anonymous on: 17 October 2009 at 10:27 said...

They are like could just sit and stare at them for hours.

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