Happy Thanksgiving!

/ Monday 12 October 2009 /
After 26 years in Canada, I've never really gotten used to how early Thanksgiving is celebrated here.  The harvest is earlier because of the weather, so it makes sense.  But often, this time of the year is still quite warm and it lacks the crispness and snap of cool weather that I think of as the hallmark of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving weekend
Not this year, though!  There was frost all over everything this morning, and the heat was on when we got up.  Brrr!  The good news is that I won't be sweltering in the kitchen over the turkey, as I have on more moderate Thanksgivings.
Thanksgiving 2009
My mother-in-law is with us for Thanksgiving, and I gifted her with the Valley of the Dolls quilt.  She liked it very much.
She likes it

I hope to finish the Blue Meanies today.  I have sewn on about 40% of the binding.  Here's a sneak peek.
Blue Meanies detail
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and be grateful for what we have been given.  I have so many blessings that I can't number them all.  Here are the two for which I am most grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks!  I hope you've been able to celebrate your gratitude with your family around you!


{ Unknown } on: 14 October 2009 at 00:26 said...

Hi , what lovely photos , those trees are just gorgeous !

{ Stephanie Hughes } on: 14 October 2009 at 08:58 said...

Lesly, I love your pics! I have a golden too, and a wonderful family. Have a great Thanksgiving as well. Thanks, Stephanie

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